Here are some “realistic” shaded Pokemon. I was just trying to make it so that they didn’t have those big differences in light and dark

A thing that I made for my friend’s birthday in January.


Type- Fighting-Fire

Lucaixen is not a conventional splice. It’s supposed to be the literal offspring of Braixen and Lucario. Some spriting was done by hand to fit on the bases. I think I may start asking for people to send in their Pokemon ships, and I’ll try to create the children, instead of just casually splicing them together.


Type- Dragon-Flying

Altario can be seen running at high speeds. When it sleeps, all three head are tucked into it’s cloud-like wings. This makes it look like a fallen cloud.

Hey guys, so I’m working as a guest splicer at makkilemoresplices and you guys should follow them if you aren’t already! They make really great splices and there are some other guest splicers as well. Please click the link and check out Makki’s blog!


Type- Dragon- Water

As Dratotic grows, it sheds its skin. Each time skin is shed, it is said to become more and more beautiful.


Type- Grass

Bellflora uses energy from the sun to create food. This energy also allows it to dance during the day. At night it closes the petals around its face and goes to sleep.


Type- Grass-Fairy

Chikopuff likes to sit in the sunlight and sing beautiful songs. These songs often put the creatures of the forest to sleep.


Type- Electric

Psychu often gets terrible due to an excess amount of electricity in it’s body. Sometimes it can expel the electricity in short, yet powerful, bursts.

Water Hiker

I know the name sounds really silly, but I was thinking of it as somebody who travels on foot to see really cool water bodies. Like waterfalls and lakes, rivers, and ponds. Things of that sort.